The Company: Origins and characteristics

Founded by Bautista and Pablo Boschi in 1969, BOSCHI HNOS SA started only with a small orchard in the city of Cipolletti, the fruticultural center of the High Valley of Rio Negro and Neuquén.

Nowadays, the descents of Bautista in 2° and 3° generation, continue with the company.

BOSCHI HNOS SA is a family and argentine company, dedicated to the production, packing and export of fresh fruits, especially pears to overseas and apples to domestic market.
Our firm has an integrated production, since the orchard to the final market, let it us guarantee to our customers an always natural quality and long term relations.
Our customers are all people looking for something natural, without preservatives and pesticides, but also rich and delicious.
Our company is renamed by a healthy and long-term growth policy, of young plants, which will allow us to continue growing together with our customers.